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2010: Episode 3

An annoying internet has filled me with rage!!! Luckily, there’s an excellent podcast to listen to to calm me down.

It contains the usual hilarious (Really? – Ed) nattering, with Jonathan May-Bowles back in the special guest seat. It has moulded to his buttocks for a riveting half hour.

Sh!t Theatre

Marvel as we talk to brilliant female music/comedy/sketch duo Sh!t Theatre who thrizzle us with tales of political satire and bears. Yes, I said bears. For they are the second comedy duo we have spoken to involving a beautiful woman dressing up as a bear. It must be this year’s ‘thing’. Much like last year’s thing was ‘porn magic’. I miss 2009.

Talking of magic, we also review Phil Knoxville. Who is not Johnny Knoxville. Is this a good thing? Find out by LISTENING!

Download: FreeEdPodcast3 | 30mins 29.7MB