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2010 comedy review: Films

Hallo again! A month has gone since we uploaded our much heralded review of all* things televisual, live and hilarious in 2010. And you know what that means? All your female friends have had at least one egg depart from their body! Unless, of course, they are pregnant, on the pill or barren.

It also means the megabyte allowance on Free Ed Podcast’s account on lib.syn has gone back to zero, allowing us to upload even more thoughtful words about funny things from last year.

We’re still relevant!

Scott Pilgrim is good

Scott Pilgrim is good

Anyway, we talk about films in this one. Mainly (and only) Scott Pilgrim and Four Lions.

Both films are great according to me. David has issues with one.

Listen out for the moment I nearly punch David in his mouth for his high and mighty opinions, and moral superiority.


*very few

Download: Film review of 2010 | 28 mins 16MB


2010: Episode 1

Is here. It was a struggle, but it’s up and you can now download and enjoy.

We’re joined by special guest, Jonathan May-Bowles, who performed a free show last year and offered his (abusive) insights into 2010’s efforts. He swears, be warned. Follow him on Twitter. He’s @jonniemarbles and is moderately funny.

We also talk to Andrew Collins in a pub. He was sweaty but charming. Like a real man should be after dancing on stage. Go see his show. It’s at Bannerman’s in the Cowgate at 12.30pm. And is brilliant, and you can hear what we thought on the podcast. Though Jonathan whines on a bit. The idiot.

Tom, Andrew, David

Jon has even more to say about The Lost Letters of Cathy G but is it good or bad? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not good.

The alternative free fringe experiences are also discussed – those little moments in the street and with your friends that make it all worthwhile. And hot leafleters too of course.


Download: FreeEdPodcast1.mp3 | 47mins 40.3MB