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2010: Episode 5

BOO HOO HOO HOO HOO!!! Yes people, that is you. Those are the words you are saying right now. Whilst wet with tears and empty of hope. For it is our final podcast of the Edinburgh Festival 2010. Tom is away back to London and David has a job. And we’re sick of it all.

Horndog brass band

Our final 35 minutes(ish) are our best though, and not just because we lack both Jonathan May-Bowles and Jack De’Ath. We do our first music review – the Horndog brass band – who play the Speigel Gardens one last time on Monday Aug 23 so head down.

The last review of 2010 is a very special one however, as we opine on a hot new up-and-comer by the name of Thomas Meek. Is he blessed? We’ll find out!


Tom and Dave

Download: FreeEdPodcast5 | 36 mins 32.7MB


2010: Episode 4

Hallo all!  Welcome to another edition of the Free Ed Podcast which is going from strength to muscular dystrophia. In terms of facts in any case. We call our main review Daniel Tighe instead of his correct moniker Dylan Tighe. It’s also the Trans-Mongolian Express not the Trans-Siberian Express. Natch. We’re idiots. We apologise. It is still our most epic, bombastic review yet though, so prepare yourself for astonishing opinions.

Dylan Tighe

Dylan Tighe

Elsewhere. we discuss the very middle-class sketch group In The Meantime who play Cabaret Voltaire. Our opinions on this are more mild.

We also review the smart narrative driven motivational speaker spoof Success: A Success Story by Kieran and the Two Joes. Our opinions are recorded whilst quite hungover and tired. We are so sorry. It’s still our best show yet though. Enjoy.

Download: FreeEdPodcast4 | 37mins 33.9MB


We are now on Ian Apple’s popular iTunes store. Don’t worry, we’re still free and you can listen to us if you’re normal and have a PC. That means ‘personal computer’. You can say to people you don’t want to talk about such a computer as it is ‘personal’.  I advise you to do so.

LINK: Free Ed Podcast on iTunes

2010: Episode 2

This podcast was much less of a struggle. Thank God. It’s a bit shorter though, by about 15 minutes. I like to think what we’ve lost in quantity, we’ve gained in hilarity. I like to think that. But I also like to think  one day I’ll be a millionaire and won’t have to edit free podcasts until 3am. SOME THINGS JUST DON’T HAPPEN!!!!!

Some things that do happen include the arrival of new guest host, Jack De’Ath. He replaces Jonathan May-Bowles who was hit by a sugar truck on its way to the biggest cup of tea in the world. Jack’s English. We’re multicultural.


It's Toby!

We were lucky enough to see sketch group Toby on a whim at Cabaret Voltaire (it’s near the Cowgate, and the show starts at 3.45pm) and were then even more lucky to have a wee chat with the sibling double-act on some patio chairs. It was fun. We got to find out the full horror of their tortured souls. It’s where the humour comes from.

Their show is also reviewed, as well as those aspects of Edinburgh Festival that make it great. Well two of us bother. I was tired.


Download: FreeEdPodcast2 | 32mins 29.3MB

2010: Episode 1

Is here. It was a struggle, but it’s up and you can now download and enjoy.

We’re joined by special guest, Jonathan May-Bowles, who performed a free show last year and offered his (abusive) insights into 2010’s efforts. He swears, be warned. Follow him on Twitter. He’s @jonniemarbles and is moderately funny.

We also talk to Andrew Collins in a pub. He was sweaty but charming. Like a real man should be after dancing on stage. Go see his show. It’s at Bannerman’s in the Cowgate at 12.30pm. And is brilliant, and you can hear what we thought on the podcast. Though Jonathan whines on a bit. The idiot.

Tom, Andrew, David

Jon has even more to say about The Lost Letters of Cathy G but is it good or bad? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not good.

The alternative free fringe experiences are also discussed – those little moments in the street and with your friends that make it all worthwhile. And hot leafleters too of course.


Download: FreeEdPodcast1.mp3 | 47mins 40.3MB