2010 comedy review: TV and live

Put the tissues away (or take them out again, depending on preference) because your favourite Scotch nonsense-makers, Free Ed Podcast, are back. Not from the dead, but from podcast obscurity.

We’ve been in deep comedy hibernation since the Edinburgh Fringe of 2010, building a nest out of discarded John Bishop DVD cases and Frankie Boyle’s beard, having increased our fat reserves by feasting on the combined egos of Gervais, McIntyre and Kay. Delish!

Funny 2010

This image comes up when you type '2010 funny' into Google image search. I feel it's appropriate.

Our annual alarm clock has gone off though, and we’ve woken from our slumber to talk about our very favourite comedy moments of 2010 from both TV and the stage. It’s still a relevant time to do so, isn’t it?

We discuss such era defining shows as The Trip, Miranda, Running Wilde, Frankie Boyles Tramadol Nights and Todd Margaret, all of which we have some words to say about in an opinionated fashion, either good or bad. And that’s exactly what we think you’d expect, so I hope you’re happy

Also, we may have a special guest in the form of an American friend from Twitter. See if we are able to track this elusive figure down to his New Jersey home (SPOILER ALERT – we did, but the recording corrupted itself so you can’t hear it. Sorry!)

Anyway, download and enjoy. And look out for our 2010 film special coming soon too.


Download: TV and live review of 2010 | 40 mins 36.4MB


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